Friday, September 25, 2009

not nobody, not a thousand beers, will keep us from feeling so all alone

An Italian film told us this week – “You must demand to live in a better world. Don’t be content to merely survive”

I believe that, and the following, is why many of us came here in the first place: The stadium lights on so loud, forgetting it’s dark; Loneliness as crime: look each other in the eye; How there’s not enough time for one man, in one life; How there couldn’t be enough lives for the time needed; Every night seeing the cigarette put out under the tap water; Gold satin strung in lonely branches; Third weeks being the hard weeks, heard before, proven after; And we live and we live and we live without end

Even if we can’t see the seams currently, they have to exist somewhere – which begs the question –

what happens after eternity?

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