Wednesday, June 16, 2010

castles in the sky

Weather Prediction: Without warning, the spectator will enter into an arena of reality versus representation, where the question of temporality reigns as the battle for the resistance of entrapment begins. Today will deftly become a study in tension – a continuous questioning of the delicate balance that is struck between thoughts of whom, from enemy sides, holds the power of the gaze. This tension will regulate the transition that occurs between control to permanence, a corresponding relationship that discusses the potential of transcendence or invasion. We have two parties - those depicted (participating) in the piece and the spectators drawn in, willingness or readiness aside. The world of appearances (of representation - the participants) has politely and pointedly been put in its place. It is perhaps this precise preparedness that will render spectators incapable of shielding themselves. Theirs will be the gift of relation, their placement of themselves amongst the characters, connections logically made in reality, creating an intimacy that results in the palpable vision that the characters are breathing the same air. Each spectator will make an individual connection, while the connections among the characters have already been begotten on a single, other-worldly plane. On the outside, onlookers, essentially strangers, will hardly attempt to compete with such a united front. Ultimately, a spectator will not be beckoned. He will be lured.

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